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Mnozil Brass

Mnozil Brass"Mnozil Brass" (Mnozil Brass) - seven virtuoso musicians who not only play on a variety of brass instruments , but also sing so that they can be the envy of any professional vocal group.

In 1992 the ensemble was established graduates of the Vienna Conservatory.

Came up with the merry - seven students to its name in one of the most famous Viennese cafe next to a place of learning - they decided that the group will be called by the name of the cafe, which - in turn - bore the name of his master, Mnotsila - which, again, gave them entertained late and forgave debts time!

They found their "niche" away from academic concert stage.
How to name their programs - theater , theatrical show, full of sparkling humor or clown - the highest standard - musical and vocal program?
Mnozil Brass participants believe that their music should not only listen, but also to watch. Indeed, the only way to fully enjoy their humor, improvisational freedom and stunning artistry.

In Kiev, they will be the first time - and who knows when the next time - schedule their concerts very crowded and geography - very extensive.

They want to see on all continents.

Join now, ladies and gentlemen.


Charge of joy and cheerfulness you will be provided!

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