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"Jazz in Kiev"

Jazz in Kiev and Alex Kogan represent Event Jazz Autumn in Kiev:

Concert of famous American musicians - saxophonist Joshua Redman and pianist Joey Kalderatstso .

Jazz evening consists of two branches.

Outstanding jazz saxophonist Joshua Redman (Joshua Redman), who was born in Berkeley , California, from childhood was surrounded by music. It is an eclectic musical palette home state strongly influenced the preferences of the future musician. In the words of Joshua , coming out from one window you could hear Aretha Franklin, on the other - John Coltrane, the third - The Who. On lessons exotic dance that involved mom Redman , he met with Indian , Middle Eastern and African music.
If had to choose between studying law at Yale College and music by Joshua Redman chose music. The probability that future jazz star and son of the famous tenor saxophonist Dewey Redman decides to dedicate his life to the study of law, was minimal.
Joshua Redman can definitely be called the most famous modern tenor saxophonist . Despite the fact that there are many talented and brilliant musicians , none of tenorystiv that appeared on the jazz scene after Redman can not compete with him in popularity and influence. Music Joshua Redman sustained in the tradition bopa and post- bopa , but the musician can be different. In his usual acoustic compositions, there are projects in which the saxophonist performs funk and rock oriented music.
Joshua Redman is one of the few artists who managed to become fashionable ( in a good sense) , without the risk commercial music. Moreover, the musician managed to maintain a stable public interest in his work over two decades ( that is how much time has passed since the first self-titled album saxophonist ).
In the middle dvotysyachnyh Joshua Redman , who recorded more than a decade on Warner Brothers, signed a contract with Nonesuch Records. Cooperation with the new company benefited musician . Some recent work saxophonist (such as "Back East" and "Compass") can be named the best in his discography. The latest album "Walking Shadows", released in May this year with a symphony orchestra , probably the most lyrical work of Joshua Redman . The music filling the album ranges from jazz standards and arrangements of works by Bach to The Beatles songs , and John Mayer.
Two-time Grammy nominee Joshua Redman concert in Kyiv within his own quartet with pianist Aaron Goldberg (Reuben Rogers), contrabass Reuben Rogers (Reuben Rogers) and drummer Gregory Hutchinson (Gregory Hutchinson).
Video Joshua Redman Quartet:

Musical career length of a quarter century cemented Kalderatstso Joey (Joey Calderazzo) excellent reputation and distinctive sidemen solo artist.
One of today's top jazz pianists , talented and lyrical composer, Joey Kalderatstso in his capture music has gone from The Beatles and Led Zeppelin to Bud Powell and Monk Telouniusa . Like many of his peers , interest in jazz pianist appeared not once, but in adolescence jazz music completely charmed future musician. Very important role in the fate of Joey played two great tenor saxophonist - Michael Brecker and Branford Marsalis . In his own words , it was Michael Brecker gave him a start in life ( Kalderatstso cooperation with the quintet of eminent saxophonist began in 1987 ).
Participant Quartet Branford Marsalis Joey Kalderatstso was in 1998, after the sudden death of Kenny Korklenda . It is no exaggeration to say that participating in such a group is sometimes more important than a successful solo career. Branford Marsalis Quartet day is one of the best contemporary acoustic jazz compositions. It is worth noting that Kalderatstso managed not just replace the famous Kenny Korklenda but also bring novelty in music quartet. All Branford Marsalis fans are well aware of how important the group lyrical impregnated with classical music influences Joey Kalderatstso .
Piano solo career started in collaboration with legendary jazz label Blue Note. Now Joey is recorded for the company Marsalis Branford Marsalis Music. In the arsenal of musicians over 10 albums. In 2003 , the year Kalderatstso recorded an album of solo piano music.
Joey Kalderatstso first perform in Ukraine within its own trio of contrabass LeFleminhom Orlando (Orlando LeFleming) and drummer Donald Edwards (Donald Edwards).
Video Joey Calderazzo Trio:

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