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8 March 2022, Tue. 20:00
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About event

Jamala in Kyiv will take place in Bel etage on 2022-03-08, 20:00. Get your tickets online or collect at the box office


Favorite hits and new tracks, the first presentation of the singer's new show and a unique atmosphere of a live performance, spring music and a real music festival: JAMALA announced a solo concert in Kyiv

On March 8, Bel Etage JAMALA will present a new show for the first time in Kyiv and will welcome guests in a cool spring mood in the center of Kyiv. A special evening of music, a holiday vibe, a few surprises, songs of the main singer of Ukraine, which fly far beyond the country. An unforgettable concert awaits us, which happens only once and will be remembered for a lifetime!

On March 8 in Kyiv at Bel Etage I will present for the first time a concert that will consist of several blocks. Everyone is an integral part of me, my work, my life. Everyone will visually, musically and atmospherically reveal different aspects of my own universe. Such a gift to yourself and you - a new beautiful show, which will take place in this form only once on March 8. I want this evening to be really special.

Of course, there will be new songs and your favorite hits, there will be the best guests and a real music festival, which is always with me, will be maxi single #SHOOTING and emotions across the border. The main stories, the results of past years, grand plans for the future. Together we will celebrate warmth, give each other smiles, love spring, fly on wings, love with all our might, forget about time, laugh and cry and sing in unison. I will be waiting for you at Bel Etage on March 8. Always yours, ”says JAMALA.

It will be recalled that recently the singer, songwriter, winner of Eurovision JAMALA presented the maxi single #ПОТАЙКИ - three deep personal stories, three songs that you will hear at a concert on March 8 at Bel Etage. See you!

What : JAMALA holiday concert

Where : Kyiv, Bel Etage

When : March 8