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Seeking 1928 viewers, Stand-up Special

20 November 2020, Fri. 19:00
from 1.73 EUR

About event

Seeking 1928 viewers, Stand-up Special in Kyiv will take place in ICCA OCTOBER PALACE on 2020-11-20, 19:00. Get your tickets online or with courier delivery. Or make an order to collect them

at the nearest ticket box.


You can rest assured that the person who writes this text is the same person as on the poster. My name is Vasily Baidak, and I'm a comedian. Perhaps you once saw me as part of the International Theater of the Absurdity Vorobushek , you probably saw me win 20 thousand hryvnias in the “Laugh the Comedian” , maybe you saw the stage of the Underground Stand-Up , maybe at the Osokorki metro station. But the most important thing that you must understand:


And who is missing? Here, Valery Zhidkov, for example.

And I want to collect October I.

I will be working on this project for exactly a year. And I would very much like to earn, for example, three million two hundred and twenty hryvnias. But I won’t earn anything. Why? This is not for the sake of money.

Therefore, I made the cost of tickets such that with a full soldout, I will go to zero.

All estimates are open, I already owe 220 thousand hryvnias, taking into account rent, taxes and other costs, and I really hope that this minus will decrease. Even one unsold ticket will afford me.

There are a lot of comedians in Ukraine who can collect large halls, but they don’t, because they didn’t “glow” in the box. And how many theaters that create masterpieces in their halls with 40 seats, which are closing due to increased demand for shows of dubious quality, but with big faces (hello, Entreprise). I am for conscious consumption. Therefore, realize your need for this evening.

Just don’t think that I’ve focused so much on gathering spectators that you scored 1.5 hours on the scene on November 20, 2020. Believe me, there will be the best material that I can collect in life. And if you know who you are dealing with, then you understand that I will not limit myself to text.

Why do you have to go this evening?

1. Listen to comedy from the person who twice became the best comedian at the Independent All-Ukrainian festival of stand-up (at least somewhere this should come in handy).

2. Join an active community and have fun throughout the year, the culmination of which will be an excellent pastime in a circle of 1928 spectators similar to themselves.

3. The ability to listen to comedy for 23 UAH. (I beg you, do not ask for penetration).

For a year I will have to be very sophisticated to collect 1928 people. You can follow this process here: https://www.instagram.com/by_by_duck/?hl=en

Offer to buy a ticket immediately. In any case, you will benefit: either you will become part of the volley laughter of a huge number of people, or in a huge luxurious hall, we will only be you.

See you.