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13 March 2021, Sat. 19:00
from 17.30 EUR

About event

CINEMA group in Kiev! A big concert of the legendary rock band KINO will take place on March 13 in the Palace of Sports in Kyiv.

Why go to a concert of KINO in Kyiv?

  1. Loud revival of the cult band in 30 years.
  2. All songs are heard in the voice of the legend - Victor Tsoi.
  3. Alexander Tsoi, the star's son, became one of the producers and creators of the grand show.

KINO concert in Kyiv: impossible - possible

March 13 on the stage of the Palace of Sports - the cult band CINEMA with a big concert! Participants in the high-profile project are Viktor Tsoi's son Oleksandr Tsoi, as well as musicians who once joined the legendary band - original bassists of different years Oleksandr Titov and Igor Tikhomirov, and guitarist Yuri Kasparyan.

What everyone could only dream of will become a reality and the KINO band, revived in 30 years, will return to the big stage to ignite hearts and bring fiery truths to your consciousness.

"Warm place, but the streets are waiting." You have to be there!

Large-scale modern program that will impress fans of the band: a concert of the group CINEMA 2020 in the Palace of Sports

The concert will be a landmark event for hundreds of fans of the legendary band. After all, the sound of the instruments and even the voice of Victor Tsoi will be as close as possible to the original. The performance of KINO will be accompanied by an archival video series. Spectators will not only feel the unique atmosphere of the cult band's concerts, but will also get acquainted with the unpublished material of the band.

So if you've never heard of the KINO band on the big stage, we recommend ordering tickets now. Guests of the concert will hear songs of the late and early periods of KINO's work: "Blood Group", "Change", "Star named after the Sun", "Cuckoo", "When your girl is sick" and many other famous compositions. Surprisingly, in 30 years they will touch every heart just as accurately and penetratingly. Of course, there will be interesting improvisations and bold experiments.

But the main thing that everyone will come to the Palace of Sports this evening is to say loudly and confidently: "Tsoi is alive!"

Where to buy tickets for the concert of the group CINEMA in Kiev?

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