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12 August 2021, Thu. 19:30
from 12.11 EUR

About event

DakhaBrakha in Kyiv! The authentic Ukrainian band DakhaBrakha will perform on August 12 at 19:30 at the location of UBK, Kyiv.

Why go to DakhaBrakh's performance in Kyiv on August 12, 2021?

  1. Listen to the real Ukrainian ethno-chaos;
  2. Watch the majestic performance of the experimental team of Vlad Troitsky;
  3. Enjoy the best modern music on a summer evening on the beach of South Coast.

Bold and strong band DakhaBrakha with a concert at UBK

The DakhaBrakh ensemble was formed in 2004 on the eve of the Orange Revolution by Vlad Troitsky, the director of the avant-garde theater Dakh.

Over the years, the band has moved from the category of a musical group to another step - those who create extraordinary musical art. This is confirmed by the fact that in 2020 DakhaBrakha became the owners of the Shevchenko Prize - the highest form of distinction in the field of culture of Ukraine.

DakhaBrakha in Kyiv

Each concert of the band is an ethnographic journey to the core of the Ukrainian soul, where hip-hop and blues border on the academic approach and folk melodies.

A chaotic, but at the same time meditative and driving experiment allows you to plunge into the whirlpool of special national images and touch something important, even sacred. The theatrical show, which is their performances, is always a fascinating spectacle that should be seen at least once in everyone's life.

Where to buy tickets for the DakhaBrakh concert in Kyiv?

Tickets for the concert of DakhaBrakh in Kyiv can be conveniently issued online on Parter.ua.