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The modern vision of Ukrainian rock - melodic-heavy-folk, free spirit permeated different historical times , from pre-Christian Russia to the Cossacks and present - will be performed live in VEREMIYA new album "Free Land". Concert presentation will take place May 17 in the "Green Theatre " in Kyiv supporters for heavy and melodic Ukrainian music, texts and actual chivalric romance.

ВЕРЕМІЙ, named after the mythical dragon of medieval Western Ukraine, revives forgotten legends and stories. His work - an epic canvas, embroidered with intricate musical technique, decorated sounding flute, violin and sometimes cello. However, his energetic, uplifting vision of the world has a young, lively and contemporary music. Previous album "Where the sun rises ," inspired by the times of Kievan Rus' and ' Lay ', entered the top 20 best albums of Ukraine in 2012 according Song 's new album tell of times Ukrainian revolutions Makhnovshchina , this song in memory of Krut Heroes illustrating the relationship of the modern to have a revolution and its heroes bridges lead with a glorious past and a decent future. It fills metal and dark romanticism VEREMIYA family, purely Ukrainian spirit. No wonder he is a member , and headlined many patriotic festival winner " Bandershtat 2009", the opening of the festival "Trypilske Circle 2012" in company with the singer Illariyeyu , bandura player Jaroslav juice and its design spired poet, who took part in the recording of the song " Confession shot souls " from the new album .

"Free Land" will be released in Ukraine on the label «Lavina Music», as well as in Poland, Russia and Spain. In rekordynhu heavy music in Madrid, which gives bands from USA, Canada , Europe , South America, Oceania countries and the Philippines , it is the album VEREMIYA open a new department folk. Lyrics from it created in the studio «Phantom Records», « ZvukoTseh » and «Soncesvit Studio», already heard on Ukrainian and European radio stations. Over mastering one of its tracks , "Go to the stars " conjured German studio «Master-servant». The same studio has worked with A-HA, Sarah Brightman, POD, Paul van Dyk, Scooter, The Scorpions, Smokie, Gregorian, Tokio Hotel, Theatre of Tragedy.

Start: 19:00 (concert preceded MEHAmarsh embroidery)
Address: Park Road, 2 "Green House"

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