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Night Snipers birthday
Diana Arbenina

Night Snipers birthday
Diana ArbeninaBirthday Diana Arbenina
The pre- concert "Night Snipers"
July 3, 2014, 20:00
Kiev, Green Theatre
Park Road, 4

July 8, 2014 the undisputed leader of the team, the detachment commander "Night Snipers" Arbenina Diana turns 40 years old. This round date in the life of the singer, poet, songwriter more than just numbers. These are the songs, albums, concerts, poetry, paintings, stories. This is the music of particular value and words on the verge of confession. It smiles and tears . And daily votes of thousands of fans worldwide.

Celebrate your birthday with fans Diana Arbenina already begin July 3 - a big concert in the capital of Ukraine. July 6 "Snipers" will play in Odessa. There they will perform songs written at different times, and have become hot favorite among fans.

Diana Arbenina presents in Kiev a few songs from the debut solo album electric . The song " Yes . So begins a life " was a harbinger of this album, which was created in January 2014 in Thailand. For Diana really begins a new story - " a cocky, rock 'n' roll and sound breaks the borders, frames, patterns, inertia and habit".

Recall that in December 2013 the group "Night Snipers" celebrated the anniversary of creative activity of a big concert in Crocus City Hall. At the end of 2013 as part of the team have been personnel changes. Breathed fresh air in 2014 "Snipers" continued to actively expand the geography of their concerts. In January Diana Arbenina first performed solo acoustic in Southeast Asia , and then the band went on the anniversary tour in Russia. And in early April tour went through the cities of Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. One of the most brilliant performances " Snipers" was a concert in the church De Duif in Amsterdam. SCHEDULE " Snipers" painted until December. Already, we can assume that 2014 will be a record in the history of the legendary band on the number of outstanding concerts, played in unusual and informal venues.

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