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Presentation of the album "25"

Presentation of the album Scriabin
Presentation of the album: 25
April 4, 2014 , 20:00
Club Stereo Plaza

"Skryabin" represents 25 studio album. In support of the record simply titled "25" will be held in spring 2014 tour of stadiums and concert halls of Ukraine . As part of the tour on April 4 in Kiev club Stereo Plaza held a great live show. "Skryabin" will play old and new songs, besides traditionally be full of surprises for the fans - the musicians will perform tracks that have never played or played very long.
Prior to the concert and created a special video series - it is already involved in director Nikita Rodchinsky which traditionally engaged group video works.

At the request of his fans , Scriabin keeps secret song from the new album . From the album "25" will be the first to hear it during a speech in Stereo Plaza. And the plate itself can be seen and purchased it at the Kiev concert. This evening is also planned to introduce a new book by Andrei Kuzmenko - "I, Pate and the army."

"Skryabin" for 25 years on the stage, but it is the anniversary concert dedicate group musicians do not aspire.

Andrey Kuzmenko: We will not play the anniversary concerts, I can not imagine an anniversary concert by Elton John on the 50th - anniversary of its creation. The poster and album cover by "25" collected images of fans groups who have supported us all these years . The album is named so, because the songs are very different , it is impossible to allocate the main idea and provide the zalovok . So just "25".

Waiting for you April 4, 2014 at 20:00 in Stereo Plaza. Will book and music releases, concert -quality show and honest music "Skryabin", full houses for 25 years.

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