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Korol & Shut

Korol & Shut
«NCA» presents:

The King and the Clown . "Farewell"

" I closed the book ,
The forest has disappeared somewhere.
But hear the noise foliage,
And sing some old friends ... "
( "Meeting" , a group of "King and the Clown" )

In our world, especially burn quickly those who did not spare himself spends every second , bringing joy to others and making life brighter. We have no right to regret their departure . We can only be thankful for the great gift of them .

November 2nd group of " King and the Clown" will perform in Kyiv with a farewell concert dedicated to the memory of Michael Gorsheneva . Jacob Tsvirkunov , Paul Sazhinov , Alexander " The Lieutenant " Shchigolev and Alexander " Renegade " Leontiev will return to the stage to along with tens of thousands of fans of the legendary band perform songs sung by their leader . The main singer of "King and the Clown " in the evening will be the Alexander " Renegade " Leontiev , and the group and the room will help him. Group members believe - a real rock waste without sorrowful persons and inspirational speeches Gorshenevy Michael would come to their liking. All his life he was a true punk - a mocking , free, rebellious , always seeking and never for a moment did not stop there. "The Northern Fleet ! Forward! "- So sang at his concerts Michael Gorshenev and after he left these words became the motto for the participants of the" King and the Clown . " After completing a farewell tour musicians will operate under the name "The Northern Fleet ".

At a concert in Kiev, the musicians of "King and the Clown " will join the faithful companions of Michael, the people for whom it was more than just a friend , who like no other worthy to sing in memory of him !

First of all, it is the younger brother of Michael - Alex , " Yagoda " Gorshenev , the leader of the St. Petersburg group " Kukryniksy ." In the early 90's Alex even had a drummer for a while , " King and the Clown ", and twenty years later actively helped his brother to write the music for the opera - Zong «TODD». In 2009, due to flight delays at the festival "Chart dozen " Michael Gorshenev replaced in the role of lead singer Alexis ' Kukryniksy . " Now it is the turn of Alexei repay his brother !

The concert will take part artist, which is unthinkable without this concert - it's Andrei Knyazev - the man who played a key role in shaping the style of "The King and the Clown" and more than twenty years with Michael divided the leadership team. In 2011 , fascinated by the solo project , Andrew left the band , but now he returns to sing in memory of his friend . Will pay tribute to male friendship and memory Pooh and Anton Pavlov, vocalist FPG

 It is time to finish the last chapter of a long and very interesting book called "The King and the Clown" and with a light sadness forever keep in my heart a piece of that magical world that gave us Michael Gorshenev . Time passed tears . It is time for memory.

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