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«NCA» and "Crossroads " are :

XXX- th anniversary of the " Alice"

This is not the beginning and not the end. This is not a summary and not the start of a new stage . Thirty years - it's just a statement of fact. But this fact has already evaluated the right of each . Who are you? With us or against us? You know all the songs by heart , or are just discovering the world Kincheva a poet? Getting ready to travel or redeem center table VIP boxes ? Will you be happy about this or not, but a group of Alice - thirty years.

When, in 1983 , the first concert of young Leningrad under the direction of Svyatoslav detained , it was not so dangerous. But when a year later they were joined by Konstantin Kinchev , the epidemic could not be stopped . Wave has gone ! Concerts , festivals , cassette with the first album "Energy" , the main role in the film " The Burglar ," " Alice oblique bangs " and a tough confrontation with the authorities. So it was famously twisted beginning of rock 'n ' roll life .

The composition of the team in the meantime and shuffle solitaire laid out . One month or ten years - people gave themselves " Alice", to do a story. "Blockade ", " The Sixth forester ," " 206, part 2 " have appeared , causing panic in the ranks of the sleek and giving hope restless. Musicians have come and gone , but the " gold membership " of the group will remain in everyone's heart alisamana:

Constantine Kinchev - vocals , acoustic guitar
Peter Samoilov - bass , vocals
Andrey Korolev - the keys
Igor Chumychkin - guitar
Andrew SHatalin - guitar
Michael Nefedov - drums

It is these legendary figures were recorded fateful albums "Alice" , " Sabbath ", " For those who have fallen from the moon ", " Black Label ". And the more wild and daring life was like in Russia in the early nineties , the more necessary were Kinchev associates and their music . This music was real. She opened her eyes and opens the soul. It united . Just in time , " Sabbath ," there was " Alice's Army ." A powerful fan movement shook the country. And we must pay tribute to the faithful , still rocking . Oh, retained membership card , push the relic to the heart and take care of the memories of the great things of bygone days.

In turning the nineties and in the " Alice" made ​​drastic changes. Out Plague - tragic, terrible, for good. Korolev retired from worldly vanities (now an Orthodox priest). Then went on a quest and Kinchev - of unbridled crazy life , he began gradually, hesitantly , grope path home. This is the place where God is . After a trip to Jerusalem creative team began to change. From the external war shifted focus to the war inside . The sound of the word - everything was different. And if at the turn of the millennium "Jazz" or " Fool " is not so revealing , the "Solstice ", " Who is later than you think ", " Cast Away" - these plates "Alice" records , to determine the perception of the world ( and a studio on the German earth, where did the dense heavy new sound ) . And ever since Orthodoxy has emerged warriors in black and red chain mail . Many fans of this turn of events did not accept . Accusations of fascism interspersed with accusations of Christian madness . Well, they have something to lose ( s). Others are fans , not fixated on social protest , sighed and trudged over Kinchevym further. In the hope that he knows where he is going , that will lead them out of the " Labyrinth " ...

New age music as "b ", " 20.12 " and " Sabotage ", combines all . There and maliciously - precise characteristics of the political situation and the sharp humor and self-irony . Plus peculiar Kinchev original pathos , brought up on the love of his native land and its exploits . And, of course , God . And where do without him ?

So, for 30 years released 18 albums and as many collections ( this does not include pirated dictated eternal demand ) . Played out an incredible number of concerts. Handed out a ton of autographs . But most importantly, awakened hundreds of thousands of hearts ! Oh, how they burn fireworks on the grounds of the country ... Kinchev received and returned the award. And once again received . "Alice" tried to grab his throat different media, but misses. A series of events was turning into life and leading to the new heroes of our history . By 2003, the group finally crystallized , and to this day is as follows: Constantine Kinchev , Peter S. Samoilov (bass ), Dmitry Parfenov Donkey (keyboards ), Igor Romanov (guitar), Eugene Levin (guitar) and Andrew Vdovichenko (drums). As such, the staff to be comfortable , to live , record, and play music. These people are the "Alice" now . Soon, soon wait for them on the doorstep. Tours on the Thirtieth legendary rock band , begins on September 14 in Lipetsk. Red and black whirlwind passeth by two dozen cities , sowing seed, quenching his thirst by collecting the harvest.

And those who had been put in all the thirty years bow. And those who change their ways , thanks. Without waiting for assessments, "Alice" is moving his way. God willing, this road lies through your heart.

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