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Rock Performance "Gorshenev-Yesenin"

Rock Performance First in Ukraine, Kukryniksy present: Rock Performance "Gorshenev - Yesenin"

Group "Kukryniksy" presents a new concert program "Life of the poet"
based entirely on his solo work group leader Alexei Gorsheneva on the works of the great Russian poet Sergei Yesenin.

Two parts of the project " Gorshenev - Yesenin" ( Soul of a poet , the poet Death ) are combined into one staging the show, which will feature guest artists. Songs on poems by Sergei Yesenin, will be performed in chronological order of their works of the poet , so you can trace the change in the personality and life of the poet. On a background of singing actor will embody the personality changes, and the poet's life . With each new song will change the image of the actor. In the final program of the actor will bring the fullness of the tragedy of the image of the poet. His understanding of life , fine mental organization and humanity. Shaw puts the problem to finding the cause of death of Sergei Yesenin , it talks about the depth of the poet and his love for life. It is through the love of life in his poems, the poet touched the truth. You can write about it is not a simple fact hooligan. It was an integral part of the personality and character of Esenina. Alcohol in his life was not at the household level , using it he could escape from the banal everyday death. In connection with what had ... His fate is suited to each poet , in one degree or another.

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