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"Сестры Зайцевы"

«Сестры Зайцевы»
April 3, 2014 - 20:00

Iconic duo «Сестры Зайцевы» in the spring will come to Kiev to give a good mood and a lot of humor to all residents and guests.
At the scene of the concert-hall country Freedom Roman Yunusov and Alexei Likhnitsky will come together as usual to show the public the popular sketches from the life of special correspondents, artists and ordinary citizens to move audiences in Ancient Rus and not without humor, recalled its foundations. And plenty of other favorite Comedy Club on their own projects and duet parodies, miniatures, will be shown on the impromptu stage Freedom for guests this evening.
Zaytsevy sisters, or just Roma and Alex, are invited to share the evening with them in a good mood all who are tired of the long gray winter days and long wanted to add some color in the coming spring. And for the warm atmosphere of the evening vouches Freedom - in this concert hall is always comfortable and the artists and the audience. 

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