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Zumbaland /
Paco Sarr

Zumbaland /
Paco SarrSpecial Event International Festival Transkaukazja .

For the first time in Ukraine, a joint performance of Georgian ethno- jazz group " Zumbalend " and musician from Poland Senegalese origin working in the Afro - Groove - Sarr Paco.

Zumbalend plays world music , which is sometimes described as fyuzhin or ethno- jazz. The founder of the group and its ideological inspiration is ZazaKorintelli . Sound - it's a lot of genres, from authentic Georgian polyphony to punk and generally sound absurd. In 1995, the band recorded their first album «I amwaitingforthesunrise», and in 1996 the team won just two major festivals held in Tbilisi : «Hands» and «Margarita». A year later, lead singer and band leader ZazaKorinteli founded in Krakow Polish version - Georgian- Polish- Ukrainian- American " Zumba ". With this line-up in the late 90's Zaza toured with concerts throughout Poland . There's also recorded an album «ProjectUnion». In 2000 Korinteli returned to Tbilisi and put together a new lineup ZumbaLand, which stands to this day . In 2002, the band recorded the album «Euroremonti», and two years later the album «Jolo». In 2006 the band recorded the album «Adila» and with this project on tour in Moscow. "I am - a musician , and for me the song - not just the sound that is sung , it is a way of life. If you do not live in such a way that does not sing . It's hard to explain , it is necessary to travel in our mountains and valleys , where every ten kilometers and the landscape is changing , and the dialect of the language and dialect of music and rhythm . Georgia - a country of multicultural . It's free jazz , melody, almost a meditation. Why do they sing ? Because they live so "- says Zaza .

PakoSarr (born 28 October 1971 in Dakar ) - musician , composer, producer, a native of Senegal , who lives in Poland. He began his career in 1988 in Soweto youth group as a drummer . The first team ARRA - AfricaReggaeRootsAmbassador founded in 1991 in Dakar. He is currently the founder of the Group PakoSarr, and the concept of socio- cultural association of people with one of the creators of the Senegalese team bendaMamaduDiuf Djolof- Man.Gitarist and singer , sings in Wolof , French and English. His music can be described as world music , combined with traditional African forms of funk and reggae.

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