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Trio "Mandili"

September 2 in the capital of Ukraine - Kiev a concert of the “World Internet Sensation" - "TRIO MANDILI" from Georgia!

The modern Caucasian fairy tale continues to conquer the whole world. Traditional Georgian polyphony in a gentle and touching female performance. Their magical voices, like transparent streams coming down from the mountains, penetrate directly into the audience hearts!

Three young and charming girls from Georgia literally blew up the World Wide Web and became stars in several weeks.  The "Fairy Tale" began on the day when three friends, during a walk in the village, decided to sing the song "Apareka". They were walking down a country road. The weather was great and the view was splendid. The girls felt like singing. And so they did. Tatuli recorded a selfie video, and then uploaded it to the internet. That was it. This video completely changed their lives. 

The trio has got a name – "Mandili". Mandili is a female headdress in the shape of a scarf. Traditionally, women threw a handkerchief (Mandili) to the ground when they wanted to reconcile the conflicting men.

The popularity of "Trio Mandili" is growing every day. Today, the band has more than half a million subscribers on Facebook. In 2015 "Trio Mandili" released their first album titled "With Love". The band actively tours around the world, participates in festivals and gives solo concerts. The group's songs and remixes are gaining popularity. World-famous DJ Shlomi Berg recorded the track "Dugli Dagli" for the popular song "Erti nakhvit" performed by "Trio Mandili", which only on Facebook was watched by more than 16 million people. Today DJ Berg plays his track on the most popular venues in front of hundreds of thousands people around the world.

Very soon “Trio Mandili” will please their fans - the second album of the group called "Enguro" will be released. New lyrical compositions about the love for Georgia under the virtuoso accompaniment of popular folk instruments will not leave you indifferent...

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