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Sergei Gladyr "World Worlds!"

Sergei Gladyr Sergei Gladyr "World Worlds!"

concert-hall "Caribbean Club"

August 5

Tickets from 100 to 200 hryvnia.
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Man of the atmosphere and aura, charismatic singer, father, husband - Sergei Gladyr. It is in this country recognize and love the bronze medalist of the television show "The X Factor". Reference point singing career on the big stage coincided with the birthday of Sergei Gladyrev. It was August 4, 2013 Sergey reported in the homes of judges show that he became a member of the final 12 matches "X-factor". Since then, he began his artistic career on the big stage.

Sergei Gladyr conquered the audience with frankness and sincerity, as well as the timbre of voice. In his performance sounded hits "At dawn," "Suzanne," "Girl, girl, woman," "September 3," a duet with Elena Vayenga "Airport", "Chito Gvrito", "Drinking" and others. A large number of fans of all ages visited Sergei Gladyrev performances at concerts throughout Ukraine.

First in Kiev August 5 will be a concert presentation of Sergei Gladyrev "World Worlds"! Meeting place - Concert Hall "Caribbean Club".

On stage will take action - the story of creative ways Sergei Gladyrev ... Artist is a song from their own repertoire, as well as the author's song "The World Worlds" (Sergey Gladyr words, music Gennady Krupnik). Director and producer of the concert - Ruslan Mach.

Here's how he tells the story of Sergei Gladyr concert: "I ​​want to invite their supporters and spectators of" X Factor "to my concert in Kiev - this is my story, my new creative life. I want to give the audience their songs and look forward to sincere communication. We decided to call my name concert of art song "World Worlds!" - It is my wish and appeal to everyone! Forward to our meeting with the audience at a concert on August 5. "

We invite you to a concert that is full of positive emotions from titleholder Audience Award, bronze medalist of X Factor 4, singing dentist - Sergei Gladyrev!

"At the dawn of"



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News and the latest information from Sergei Gladyrev can be monitored on the official pages on social networks: / gladyrsergey / gladyrsergey / sergeygladir / sergey_gladir

www.gladyrsergey.comSergei Gladyr

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