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A.Kogan presents: Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog and group

A.Kogan presents: Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog and groupAlexey Kogan and Production Center «Jazz in Kiev» are:

The famous guitarist Marc Ribot and Ceramic Dog Group
April 11, 2014
Carribean Club

Marc Ribot's guitar, and it is no exaggeration, at least once heard every music fan planet. The fact that as a session musician he has worked with an incredible amount of modern music stars, representing very different styles and genres. Marc Ribot regularly participates in projects of legendary avant-gardist John Zorn (John Zorn), with whom he has recorded over two dozen albums. Ribot's guitar sound has become the trademark of the best records of Tom Waits (Tom Waits), the cooperation of these two musicians continued for almost 30 years.

Among other famous musical partners Mark Ribot worth to mention pop musicians Elvis Costello (Elvis Costello) and Elton John (Elton John), rock star Robert Plant (Robert Plant), jazzmen McCoy Tyner (McCoy Tyner) and Diana Krall (Diana Krall), as well as a young blues- rock band The Black Keys, David Sylvian (David Sylvian), Mike Patton (Mike Patton), the famous trio Medeski Martin & Wood, Madeleine Peyroux singers (Madeleine Peyroux) and Marianne faithfull (Marianne Faithfull), bright Russian musician and band leader "Auction " Leonid Fedorov. This list could go on for a long time.

Marc Ribot, known not only for session work , but also as the leader of a number of pilot projects. Solo guitarist discography includes over 20 albums, including two discs recorded in the group Ceramic Dog (Party Intellectuals (2008) and Your Turn (2013)). English name of the group (the literal translation of "ceramic dog" refers to the French expression chiens de faïence, designating stupor dogs for a moment before the fight starts). It is this extraordinary team will perform on April 11 in Kiev. The composition of the trio, except Mark Ribot, bassist Shaazad Ismaili (Shahzad Ismaily) and drummer Ches Smith (Ches Smith). His creativity characterize as musicians. However, to convey the atmosphere at their concerts is hardly possible with the help of genre definitions - you need to hear.

Video project:

Leading concert - Alex Kogan.

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