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"Mafia in the nuthouse"
improvisational show

August 6, 19.30 improvisational show "Mafia in the nuthouse"

Absolutely unique and unmistakable design. Improvisational work "Black Square", which has become our hallmark.

Beauty improvisation - not in its recurrence, it's creating a work at the time of execution! That is, every time - new, unknown or us or you.
The rules are: Leading distributes cards game participants. Who has the ace of clubs and a peak that - "Mafia" (kills night) Chervonny King - Commissioner (must kill the mafia), queen of diamonds - a prostitute Lola (sex animates any deceased). Civilians do not know which player is mafia calculate it - their task.

Problem Mafia - divert suspicion from himself, to gain time and kill all civilians. At the same time until the "murder" nobody knows for sure who is a potential victim - or mafia honest civilians. Only the mafia knows each other ...

"Mafia" combines the features of two types of game: match (wrestling) and presentation (masquerade). It - both the show and the struggle for survival. This game brings much-valued intellectual pleasure. Her unselfish carelessness and hidden potential. It is unique: based primarily on communication, on the discussions between the parties. There are constant and, in fact, legalized deception and deceit, conclusion and cowardly violation of treaties and alliances. Be careful, not all things are as they seem at first glance ...

Bluffing is not only allowed, but welcome! Appropriate here any emotion.

The theme of the game: "Mafia in the nuthouse"

Starting at 19:30.

Note: we start on time, but we can not delay the performance of more than 15 minutes for fans of traffic jams.

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