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Gorod 312

Gorod 312Valentine's Day on February 14 in 20-00 Caribbean Club invites you to the presentation of the cult band "Gorod 312" . Make a gift to your loved one heart !

312 "- a code of Bishkek , where I came from the band members. "Citizens" name Aya, Dima, Masha Leon and Nick. They write songs that are real hits . Especially they succeed soundtracks and musical motifs popular in Russian cinemas films ( "Night Watch ", " Peter FM», « Waiting for the Miracle ", " The Irony of Fate . Continued", "Alien vs. Predator . Requiem").

To really understand what a "City 312" , to hear their live performance . "I think that many of our listeners will be surprised how diverse our music really - says soloist Aya . - Live performances - is a special genre , with inexpressible through studio recording energy . " Business card team - a combination of high professionalism, charisma of each participant , incredible alloy different musical styles. "City 312" - it's the lyrics and humor in songs and positive in relation to the public. Their songs are clever , non-trivial and devoid of depressive color, as light and transparent arrangements , but saturated .

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