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Django" Jango " presents a long-awaited album « Выше.Еще » and the film

Неправда, что надежды нет –
Без ответа не бывает любви!
Неправда, что слабеет свет – 
А ты не бойся, ты давай живи!

On the " Django " we first heard in 2005, when he released his debut album " Was Not Was ." Then , almost all of the country's radio , the song sounded "Cold Spring", in addition also became the soundtrack to the sensational blockbuster " shadow boxing ." And the other songs of the album firmly spelled out in many radio stations broadcast the CIS.
And since then , nearly eight years , fans of creativity " Django " waiting for a new album from him . And , finally , this album came out! His name - " above . More ".

Alexey Poddubny , the leader of " Django ": " I ​​did not get to write songs about the same in hundreds of interpretations. For me, every song - an attempt to answer the important question of some , to experience the excitement of inspiration , an attempt to describe the experience and share it with others. The songs for the album I collected long. He wrote and rewrote the words , changed the melodies and arrangements , that all was as it should. We are the musicians of our group spent a lot of exciting hours in the studio and in rehearsals , working on new songs . One of them was recorded in Serbia , with the orchestra of the legendary trumpeter Boban Markovic . In the other three sounds Symphony Orchestra, playing many guest musicians ... I very much hope that the new songs will appeal to our listeners and will sound like a single entity !
The album is called " above . More ". The essence of this name in the idea that , no matter how much you went, what tops or raised - always will be that the higher will always be the sky above , that unattainable purity and light, which is still going to try . "

Soon after the release of the film will be released about how the album was created . Subscribers will see its first official pages of " Django " sots.setyah :,

We live in an era of rampant disperse the cult of consumption - from cars and clothes - to entertainment , art and even religion. And more and more people are asking - where is this whole carousel man, his love, hope , joy , sadness , his heart and soul ...
Alexei Poddubniy songs - it's not something that is becoming a commodity . Because these songs - the need of the soul of his listeners!
The official release of the album Django " Vyshe.Esche ": September 17, 2013 .
Published by: Nikitin EmDiSi .

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