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Junior spectator Theatre March 31-April

March 31, 2018, 18:00
60 – 150 ₴
April 01, 2018, 11:00
60 – 150 ₴

Eleanor H. Porter
Drama (2 acts)

Stage director – national artist of Ukraine Victor Girich
Scenery – Oleksiy Vakarchuk
Costumes – Katerina Korniychuk
Musical arrangement – Volodimir Borisov

The way we face difficulties, which come on our way, really depends on how we apperceive them. First of all, we have to change our inner person and only after that we will see conversion in our lives. Worldwide known story about little girl named Pollyanna will be interesting not only to the kids, but for their parents also. This is touching and edifying story about an orphan girl which was taken by her aunt because there was no one left to watch over her. After watching this play lives of many might be changed the same way how the inhabitants’ lives were transformed when Pollyanna got into their little town. Due to the optimism and faith that everything that happens in your life turns for the better, this little girl will not only go through her own difficulties, but she will also help her friends.

Pollyanna Pollyanna

Pollyanna Pollyanna

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