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The Forest Song


Junior spectator Theatre -

The Forest Song

Lesya Ukrainka
The Forest Song
Drama-mystery (3 acts)

Stage director – national artist of Ukraine Victor Girich
Scenery – Honoured Art Worker of Ukraine Michel Frenkel
Costumes – Costyantyn Kravets
Choreography -  Honoured artist of UkraineAlla Rubina
Musical arrangement – Volodimyr Borisov

There is a magical action on the stage. Light fabrics, mirrors make impression that Mavka is from ulterior world.  Kilinas and Lykasha’s mothers exaggerated grotesqueness – everydayness of the real world. What or whom is to blame in Mavka’s and Lykasha’s tragedy? It’s hard to answer. Where mind is in control there is no place for emotion, otherwise where are emotions are primal – mine is unnecessary. If Mavka and Lukash could unite their lives the world would become perfect where emotion and mind reign equally. Unfortunately the world we are living in is not perfect and nothing is eternal… except love. When love does not finds place on the earth it will live anyway in legends, stories, plays and on the stage.

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