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The Canterville’s
Castle Ghost

The Canterville’s
Castle Ghost

Volodimyr Baskin
The Canterville’s Castle Ghost
Musical  (2 acts)

Stage director – Artur Artimen’ev
Translation - Artur Artimen’ev
Poetry translation – Oleksandr Vrataryov
Libretto – Vacheslav Verbin
Music – Vladimir Baskin
Costumes and scenery – Oleg Tatarinov 
Choreography – Oksana Chala

Rich American businessman byes an ancient castle in England having in mind to turn it into an entertainment area which later will become marriage portion for his daughter. After a successful deal he gets warning from local people that castle has bad reputation because of the Ghost that lives there and scares everyone who happens on the way. New owner laughs at such fables and with a great passion embodies his idea. Nevertheless the Ghost lives in the Canterville’s Castle, but he is the prisoner and horrible curse does not let him to find an eternal rest. What would change the situation for better - careful calculation and big amount of money or passionate and pure love?


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