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Alexander Yegorov.
Return of the Legend
Transfer performance

Alexander Yegorov.
Return of the Legend
Transfer performance

Дорогие друзья!

Концерт переносится с 29 марта 2014 года на 26 октября 2014 года.

Все билеты действительны. 

Билеты можно приобрести на странице мероприятия:

He was 25 years old for this evening!
He has something to tell you ...

October 26 at the scene of the October Palace you will see a happy man.

Man , every turn of life which would serve as the Hollywood movie script bright busy!

Here are excerpts from his biography :

Alexander 's father did not know. In the five years my mother gave little Shura to a music school , piano class .
Soon after she married and went to another city , leaving Alexander in the care of their parents. Grandpa decides that his grandson would follow in his footsteps and become a military - prepares it in the Suvorov military school . But when Sasha is 10 years , the grandfather dies.
Grandfather - his childhood idol , a pilot , a hero of the Second World War, a very strong and principled man whose middle name is Alexander Egorov and now as the memory of a man who has invested a large part of his upbringing.
In this situation, it becomes very difficult to Alexander - in the 5th grade , he throws a music school. After 8 class was expelled from school for poor behavior.
Then the 15 -year-old Alexander Egorov went to Kiev . On borrowed money buying my first instrument and plays at weddings , in clubs , at a dance .
With 18 years began a solo career. He went to the former Soviet Union , gaining professional experience in various recording studios since the Alma- Ata and ending with " Lenfilm ".
In 1990 in Jurmala hosted the first in his life resounding victory :
Alexander Egorov and his team - Arkady Vikhorev , and Paul Alexander Klepova Olishevsky - won the Grand Prize and the Audience Award at the most prestigious at the time the music festival !
He stood on the stage, he won - but at the same time knew that even the winner must go to prison, from which he was released on parole ! Defending his mother, he has violated the law . Freed in 1993 , the year, Yegorov has decided not to return to his solo performances , and took up producing activities. At various times he served as a composer and lyricist of songs for movies Oksana Bayrak , Alexander Kopeikin , collaborated with Max Fadeev, Rosita Chivilev, professional exam for them , Ani Lorak, Irina Bilyk, Katya Buzhinskaya , Irina Skazinoy, Oksana Hozhay and other well-known performers.
Albums Egorova , a talented writer and performer of sad and funny , fiery and ironic, philosophical and memorable songs about love and life - «Танцы до упаду» (1991), «Холодно мне>»(1997), «Иду по зиме»(2010) have won the trust and love from the audience.
Indifferent at this meeting will not be!

You will find incredibly charismatic and shrill evening!

Egorov, a page on facebook :


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