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Alexander Yegorov.
Return of the Legend

Alexander Yegorov.
Return of the Legend

Дорогі друзі!

Концерт був перенесений з 26 жовтня 2014 на 21 грудня 2014 у Палац Україна. Про порядок повернення або обміну квитків звертатися за телефоном - 0673502525.

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Here are excerpts from his biography:

Alexander 's father did not know. In the five years my mother gave little Shura to a music school, piano class.
Soon after she married and went to another city, leaving Alexander in the care of their parents. Grandpa decides that his grandson would follow in his footsteps and become a military - prepares it in the Suvorov military school . But when Sasha is 10 years, the grandfather dies.
Grandfather - his childhood idol, a pilot, a hero of the Second World War, a very strong and principled man whose middle name is Alexander Egorov and now as the memory of a man who has invested a large part of his upbringing.
In this situation, it becomes very difficult to Alexander - in the 5th grade, he throws a music school. After 8 class was expelled from school for poor behavior.
Then the 15 -year-old Alexander Egorov went to Kiev . On borrowed money buying my first instrument and plays at weddings, in clubs, at a dance.
With 18 years began a solo career. He went to the former Soviet Union , gaining professional experience in various recording studios since the Alma- Ata and ending with "Lenfilm".
In 1990 in Jurmala hosted the first in his life resounding victory:
Alexander Egorov and his team - Arkady Vikhorev, and Paul Alexander Klepova Olishevsky - won the Grand Prize and the Audience Award at the most prestigious at the time the music festival!
He stood on the stage, he won - but at the same time knew that even the winner must go to prison, from which he was released on parole ! Defending his mother, he has violated the law. Freed in 1993, the year, Yegorov has decided not to return to his solo performances , and took up producing activities. At various times he served as a composer and lyricist of songs for movies Oksana Bayrak, Alexander Kopeikin, collaborated with Max Fadeev, Rosita Chivilev, professional exam for them, Ani Lorak, Irina Bilyk, Katya Buzhinskaya, Irina Skazina, Oksana Hozhay and other well-known performers.
Albums Egorova, a talented writer and performer of sad and funny, fiery and ironic, philosophical and memorable songs about love and life - «Танцы до упаду» (1991), «Холодно мне>»(1997), «Иду по зиме»(2010) have won the trust and love from the audience.
Indifferent at this meeting will not be!

You will find incredibly charismatic and shrill evening!

Egorov, a page on facebook:

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