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Танцювальний ринг: Ансамбль ім. Вірського vs Ансамбль Гуцулія

4 November 2020, Wed. 19:30
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Танцювальний ринг: Ансамбль ім. Вірського vs Ансамбль Гуцулія in Kyiv will take place in ICCA OCTOBER PALACE on 2020-11-04, 19:30. Get your tickets online or collect at the box office

Two masterful ensembles of today - VIRSKIY VS HUTSULIYA - will meet at the dance ring in Kyiv!

A dance battle that has no analogues in any country in the world!

Two legends of dance: National Honored Academic Dance Ensemble of Ukraine named after Pavlo VIRSKY and Ivano-Frankivsk National Academic Hutsul Song and Dance Ensemble "HUTSULIA" will meet
November 4 in the October Palace at a dance duel!

You have been waiting for this event for so long! Yes, it will be a real BATTLE! More precisely, the Battle, which is envied by "Dancing with the Stars". The degree of the event is on the verge.

You will see everything: strength, passion, a powerful hurricane of emotions ... And all in order to show you the brilliant skill and original interpretation of the national dance styles of Ukraine!

The VIRSKY ensemble - 100 passionate artists - full of life, cheerful, sincere Ukrainians with incredible energy. Each of their performances is an event, each dance is an art! The virtuosity and skill of the ensemble named after Virsky is a recognized canon of incomparable Ukrainian dance in the world!

Ensemble "HUTSULIYA" is a real pearl of the Carpathian region! Professional excellence is present in everything: from the luxury of colorful costumes to the subtlest gesture of the dancer. Thanks to the work of prominent cultural figures, Hutsulia has prepared for you a unique dance show "Hutsul myth-opera-dance" !

Director - People's Artist of Ukraine Petro Knyazevych.

Chief choreographer - People's Artist of Ukraine Ivan Kuryliuk.

Directed by People's Artist of Ukraine Vasyl Vovkun.

The composer is Honored Artist of Ukraine Volodymyr Pavlikovsky.

The Hutsulia Ensemble was selected on a competitive basis as a group known and respected by dance connoisseurs in Ukraine and abroad. The ensemble RUSTAVI! Took an active part in the selection, which unfortunately will not be able to come to Ukraine due to quarantine restrictions, but is looking forward to the meeting and wish you to really enjoy the best dance project this fall!

Are you ready for such a large-scale event? If so - then we inform you that the best Ukrainian artists will dance on the stage for you! And yet: these guys do not insure their feet, do not invent legends about themselves. They just dance so that the words disappear. Only emotions remain.

Intrigued? Come and feel the greatness of two grandiose dance ensembles of Ukraine!

The concert will take place in compliance with all recommendations of the Ministry of Health.

November 4, ICCM (October Palace), Kyiv