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Wolves and...

Wolves and...

Forensic comedy in 3 acts


Director: Maxim Mikhalichenko

Starring: Alexander Yarema, Marina Androschuk, Vyacheslav Vasylyuk, Angelica Girich, Elena Goncharova, Nicholas Danyluk, Marina Lyakh, Iolanthe Pilipenko, Konstantin Popudrenkо, Alexey Zorin, Viktor Stepanenko, Anatoly Somik, Maxim Mikhalichenko

Artist - director - Ekaterina Kornejchuk

Choreographer - Olga Rogova

Composer - Yuri Mikhalichenko

Artistic Director of the production - Honored Artist of Russia Konstantin Dubinin

Performance leads - Elena Zadorovich

The power of money has always been the driving force. For these people go to any actions. Money gives man power, strength, confidence. This pursuit of prey turns into an animal and then there is the world homo sapiens are animal laws. In this crazy life there are wolves and sheep there. But as you know, Fortune, not a permanent thing and if you're lucky today to become a wolf, then tomorrow you can easily turn into sheep.

Running time - 3 hours 40 minutes

loose fit

Wolves and...

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