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Festive show program
"Music hearts"

Festive show program
"Music hearts"

He says, "black", she says, "white", he said: " Yes," and she "no"! However, without each other, they do not represent his life ...

In a festive show program Valentine's Day "Music Hearts" National Operetta split into camp for men and women to compete for the championship , to determine who is more brave, smart, talented , intelligent, who better sings, dances , jokes , in the end - and who better . And in order to make sure we are back to each other ! To prove that love hearts beating under their unique melody love booze .

National Operetta invites you to plunge into an all-consuming comprehensive holiday atmosphere, full of passion, intrigue, curiosities, incredible adventures and vivid impressions . Along with the fun, sophisticated, festive concert program offers quizzes, jokes, gifts and surprise.

Do not miss the opportunity to participate in a sweet and hot music " Battle for Love", open your heart, let it make a bid and music filled with love!

February 14, 2014 you spend with us, and believe me, you - you will not regret!

Dear customer, you can order and buy tickets on «Festive show program "Music hearts"», which will be - at Operetta theatre You can buy E-ticket, payment VISA / Mastercard, or take advantage of the largest network of offices in Kyiv, or courier service.