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Enigmatic variations

Enigmatic variations

Eric - Emmanuel Schmitt
Translation Neda Nezhdana

Duel with no intermission

Stage Director - Andriy Bilous
Scenography - Vladimir Karashevskiy
Costume - Boris Orlov
Composer - Alex Kharchenko
Assistant director - Marina Tyrnovyan

Actors and singers :

ERIC LARSEN - ZA Ukraine Oleksiy Vertinsky
Abel ZNORKO - ZA Ukraine - Stanislav Boklan

On a desert island in icy Norwegian Sea, where the last 15 years living a hermit -known writer, journalist coming from a small provincial newspaper. To get interviewed. Why Nobel Prize winner agrees to it , because he hates the media ? Maybe this is not a journalist ? Then what he got ? They talk about a woman. Who is she ?

This unusual detective story with many shots , which was written by the distinguished playwright E. Schmitt E, especially for the benefice of French cinema stars Alain Delon, plunges you into the maelstrom of violent passions , unexpected plot twists , sensual love stories and unique French humor performed by consummate actors YOUNG Theatre Stanislaus Boklan and Alex Vertinsky.

Running time - 1 hr . 30 minutes.

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