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The Swan Princess

The Swan Princess


The premiere took place on December 21, 2013


Fairytale - Musical

Director - Elijah Pelyuk

Composer - Alex Kharchenko

Set design and costumes - Boris Orlov

Choreography - Lydia Soklakova

Concertmaster - Catherine Tyzhnova

Actors and singers :

Odette - Katherine Varchenko

Derek - Stanislav Brzezinski

Peter ensemble - Anatoly Marempolskyy

Queen Anne - Irene Svyetlyakova

King William - Cyril Bean, Vladimir Kokotunov

Monsieur Court - Roman Ravytskyy , Anatoly Catfish

Evilbild Hrotsek - Mark Drobot , Alex Breast

Kovardina Evil - Catherine Kisten , Helen Uzlyuk

Carper - Dmitry Vivchariuk , S. Miller

Rothbart - Dmitry Vicharyuk , S. Miller

Esther Shvydkolapa - Senja Dolyak

Jean Pryh - Art Martynishyn

Karma - Alina Kostyukova

Melody- Anastasia Yevtushenko

Martha Julia Shapovalov

Elga - Victoria Lushnikov

Lana Nina Kolesnikova

Ronald - Alex Nezhurko

Anna Cristina Baschev

Kat - Pauline Snisarenko

Ensemble - Anna Baschev , Nina Kolesnikova , Alina Kostyukova , Victoria Lushnikov , Pauline

Snisarenko Yulia Shapovalov , Dmitry Vivchariuk , S. Miller , Alex Nezhurko

The performance is Marina Tyrnovyan

Odette - the heroine of a fairy story - loves to dream. But she could not imagine that once her dreams will be , it will collapse once a whole bunch of problems.

Tale - musical " The Swan Princess " tells the story of a journey to love, which has always been very close. We need to recognize it and how to get the reward - for his honesty , courage and sincerity.

Duration - 2:00


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