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The Fourth sister

The Fourth sister


The Young Theatre February 10 19:00

February 10, 2018, 19:00
100 – 300 ₴

The Fourth sister

Genre: Black Comedy in 2 acts
Running time - 2 hours. 30 minutes.

Author: Janusz Glowacki , translated by Alexander Irvanets
Stage Director and author of the musical concept - NA Ukraine Stanislav Moiseev
Production Designer - Vladimir Karashevskyy
Costume - Lyudmila Nagorna
Composer , Performer - Vladimir phenomenon
Assistant Director - Anatoliy Petrov
Assistant director - Julia Maslak
The performance is - Marina Tyrnovyan

Actors and singers :

Vera - Natalia Vasco
Katya - Irma Vitovska , Helen Uzlyuk
Tanya - Rima Zyubina
General - People's Artist of Ukraine Oleksandr Immortal , Honored Artist of Ukraine Stanislav Boklan
Babushka - Victoria Avdeenko
YURI ALEKSYEYICH - Alexander Halafutnyk , Vladimir Kokotunov
Kohl's - Stanislav Brzezinski
Misha - Vladimir Chihliaev
JOHN Freeman - Jaroslav Chornenka
Costa - Cyril Bean, Dmitry Tuboltsev
Steve - Igor Portyanko
MILITSIANYER - Honored Artist of Ukraine Ihor Shcherbakov
" Afghan " - Boris Georgievski
John P. - Anatoly Petrov

Janusz Glowacki - one of the most famous Polish today dramaturhiv.Yoho play " The Fourth Sister " is both a brilliant parody of Chekhov's "Three Sisters " and sharp, ruthless grotesque to life post-Soviet Russia, including its capital, the hero-city of Moscow. The work Glovatsky sisters live longer in the province , while in Moscow , but is now seeking up to far in New York. They have good dads general , they have adopted the youngest brother, who suddenly appears ... fourth sister. How did such an amazing transformation and why it is needed can be found by viewing the effervescent formulation of black , but such a fun comedy.

The Fourth sister

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