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Hi tech light show "# Dreamers"

Hi tech light show "# Dreamers"History for All ,
who ever believed , or hoped ,
it can achieve something extraordinary in life

For the first time in Ukraine!  Ukrainians made.

Light show # DREAMERS is a symbiosis of a classic one-man show and dance hi tech musical

Finding for avid theater-goer, opening for everyone today

You live in carrying out its dreams? Or just live?
To your attention - a little story about a very big idea . This is a modern parable , and it deals about No Ordinary - a man who risked leave Earth meet people and go towards your dreams .

You , too, has been given a big dream . The one that can change life. You think that your dream is unattainable ? And you're waiting for someone or something to carry it for you?
In this case , the light show " # Dreamers" raises its curtain .

Visual effects materialize inner monologue No Ordinary and gradually light in his mind takes the body , breath, dance. And Hero - No Ordinary before your eyes become someone.

Dialogue of dance, music and light in the light play intended to show you how to rise above the ordinary , conquer your fears and overcome the obstacles that prevent you from living the implementation of your big dreams .
You were created for this purpose . It's time to go

Light performance " # Dreamers" was created to inspire millions of people to whom something prevents to live the life for which they were created.
Deep and shining light comedy, neon leave a scar in your mind .
You will not be able to be anything . Rushed headlong into the path to find their light

Experience the hi tech director finds .
We are in 2015 . The theater was born the new part of the action ... Modern American hi tech technology.

Dear customer, you can order and buy tickets on «Hi tech light show "# Dreamers"», which will be - at "Ukraine" palace
Small Stage You can buy E-ticket, payment VISA / Mastercard, or take advantage of the largest network of offices in Kyiv, or courier service.