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Choir of G.G.Veryovka

Choir of G.G.Veryovka

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

Kuban Cossack Choir Concert March 23 is replaced by the performance of the National Honored Academic Ukrainian Folk Choir of Ukraine G.G.Veryovka

Tickets purchased for the concert KKH valid for the National Concert Choir of G.G.Veryovka

The viewer will be presented a similar program with the best dances, songs and music with Ukrainian culture and folklore of other nations.

Composition KKH - 120 people. The Ukrainian choir - 140 people, choir, orchestra and dance group.

Think of you, believe in you, our dear viewers.

Contact phone organizer: 067-236-13-73

Choir of G.G.Veryovka

Dear customer, you can order and buy tickets on «Choir of G.G.Veryovka», which will be - at "Ukraine" palace You can buy E-ticket, payment VISA / Mastercard, or take advantage of the largest network of offices in Kyiv, or courier service.