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Oleg Tabakov and Sergey Bezrukov


Oleg Tabakov and Sergey BezrukovThe Moscow theatre-studio u/d O.Tabakov.
On a poem of N.V.Gogol "Dead showers".
Direction by Mindaugas Karbauskis.
In leaging roles Oleg Tabakov and Sergey Bezrukov.

In the new scenic version of "Dead souls" it is possible to see and circulation on circles of a ridiculous Russian hell, and the cheerful adventure, dreamed to the hero, and it is possible to take pleasure in perfectly played duets simply.

Mindaugas Karbauskis has put performance about "traditional Russian values".  How people The "ADVENTURE"
Oleg Tabakov and Sergey Bezrukovcare about things for that in other society refers as a crime. About congenital skill to turn a sin in virtue and to fall asleep the pacified dream, not hearing and not noticing as the ground burns under feet.



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