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Kid and Carlson


Officer House -

Kid and CarlsonFrom the creators of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"!
For the first time in Kiev! April 12 (16:00) theater - concert company «RBgroup» invites you to spend a memorable time with your children on the play "The Kid and Carlson" in the Central House of Officers.
Before the tale of your children meet fun and funny clowns and bubble show (with the support of the "Theater of clowns and bubbles") .
A resident of the Fruit of the country - a cheerful Sandorik treats all young viewers!
Do not miss the exciting games, fun entertainment and unforgettable adventure fairy tale characters!

Information partner " baby house - a network of children's dreams"

A. Lindgren
"The Kid and Carlson" musical tale

Seven year old boy, the youngest child in the family, misses alone when the open window of his room suddenly flies up little man with a propeller on the back and appears: "I - Carlson".
In the whole house there is only one unusual creature - Karlsson on the roof. Yes, he lives on the roof, and that alone is very unusual.
Carlson - plump , self-confident man, and besides, he can fly. In airplanes and helicopters all people can fly, but the fly itself apart from Karlsson, do not know how anybody. Suffice it to twist a button on his stomach, as is put on the back right dodgy motor - and suddenly - Carlson already up and floats in the air is so beautiful and important.
Between Kid and Carlson appears real friendship that grows into an unusual and fun adventure.
The play is filled with cheerful songs and dances, sparkling humor.

The production team:

Director - Honored Artist of Ukraine Vyacheslav Ghila
Artist - Director - Gregory Loic
Composer - Sergei Chikalov
Songs - Honored Artist of Ukraine Alexander Papusha
Choreographer - Anatoly Hancharyk


KID - Actress Tatyana Pankevich, Natalia Strepko

Carlson - actor Sergei Bachika

Dad - Alexander Papusha, actor Nicholas Petrushenka

MAMA - Actress Irina Skladan, Oksana Malinovich

Boss, brother KID - Actor Maxim Popovich, Roman Demchuk

Bok, the housekeeper - the actors Vitaly Lugovoi, Yuri Chernenko

1 VOR - Actor Oleg Kirillov

THIEF 2 - Actor Igor Nakonechny

OSCAR - the actor Vasiliy Gural, Vitaly Zubchenko

Pella - Actor Vitaly Zubchenko, Basil Gural 

Dear customer, you can order and buy tickets on «Kid and Carlson», which will be - at Officer House You can buy E-ticket, payment VISA / Mastercard, or take advantage of the largest network of offices in Kyiv, or courier service.