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E.Margulis"Best of
all is playing the blues'

E.Margulis"Best of 
all is playing the blues'

" Best of all is playing the blues" or "Blues in Russian " - the name of the legendary party solo program " Time Machine " and , until recently, " Resurrection " , guitarist , bassist , blues and exchange of the "gurus " of the Moscow rock roll - Eugene Margulis . After the " closing " of their own projects - "Nautilus" and "Shanghai ," Margulies rarely indulges Moscow , and not just purely public copyrighted material . It was his song in the canvas " mashinovskih " and " voskresnikovskih " concerts that create the most memorable feeling the buzz from the live " Katchow " rhythm & blues , inimitable voice tone and charging the positive mood of texts. Almost sitting on subcortical a generation - "Shanghai Blues" , " My friend," " When you go away ," " Strawberry Fields ," " Old Songs " make us again and again immersed in the time of flowers, youth and bell-bottom jeans , times sincerity and faith in the victory of good. These songs do not have the age and the statute of limitations - they have been tested and age , is still loved by many of us .

Eugene Margulis with the program " Best of all is playing the blues ." Together with his band , the musician will perform all of the most favorite songs from the repertoire of "Resurrection ", " Shanghai ", " The Time Machine" , the authorship of which belongs to him, " Shanghai Blues" , "When you go away ," " Strawberry Fields ," " girlfriend number five . "

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