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"Nautilus Pompilius"
30th anniversary of the group


StereoPlaza -

 "Nautilus Pompilius"
30th anniversary of the group

«NCA» presents:

June 19, 2014, Stereo Plaza, 20:00
Nautilus Pompilius

Vyacheslav Butusov band "Yu- Piter" June 19 at Stereo Plaza!
June 19 at Stereo Plaza held a welcome event dedicated to creativity brightest phenomena Sverdlovsk school rock - group Nautilus Pompilius!

This group is no more, but certainly her music sounds in the hearts of millions of people. We invite everyone to celebrate the anniversary together! For modern classics processing NAU meet, of course, Vyacheslav Butusov group "Yu- Piter".
The concept of the concert is quite unusual. That's what says Vyacheslav Butusov about the upcoming celebration: "We will celebrate the birthday of NAU. I - a guest in this case, because congratulations on behalf of Nautilus Pompilius "Yu- Piter". A "Nautilus" now - the legend. Thank God that 's not a myth".

Musicians are invited to the anniversary concert of everyone: a loyal following, eternal lovers, connoisseurs of true rock, nostalgic for the days when records were written in underground studios Butusov impressive hair and wore eyeliner black shadows. The concert will feature that will recall that the choir sing.

All that will happen on the stage on June 19, may be called in one word - a holiday. Holiday music in its broadest sense in the performance of outstanding musicians and composers. Looking forward to meeting with Vyacheslav Butusova group and "Yu- Piter" in Stereo Plaza!

30 years from NAU - The official site of " Yu-Piter »:

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