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ACCEPT returned to Kiev !

After last year's concert powerful , "kings of the Teutonic heavy metal " returning to Kiev!

The last visit of the legendary German group was held in the framework of the tour in support of their latest album ACCEPT «Stalingrad». In addition to the new songs , overflowing with Stereo Plaza, heard all the best hits of the group , has long been made ​​to the "golden fund" of heavy music . Such violent rock show Ukraine have not seen ! Great sound , light, and most importantly serve, with which the German flagship of the world of heavy metal movement erupted one after their armor hits the stage, led the audience in the wild. And December 5, 2013 Kiev prepares to fall again under the pressure of heavy music perennial rockers !

ACCEPT - the German rock band , the distinctive features of the music that is original vocals , the density and richness of sound , melody and virtuoso guitar solos from the first riffs enter the body , staying with a metallic taste of blood in his mouth , and the overall aggressiveness of the image. Emphasized brutal , aggressive rhythmic basis , combined with hard rock , often imbued with classical passages, melodic guitar part and unique vocals , determine the style of the band , which is also called the " Teutonic rock ."
History ACCEPT originated in the distant 1968 , when the style of heavy metal still forming. And literally from the first album , self-titled «Accept», it was clear that the rock music has a new name. Then there were performances by legendary festivals tour with Judas Priest, as well as change the course of music . It was then that there was a track «Fast As a Shark», which is considered one of the first songs in the style of speed metal. And then there was a real breakthrough, after a 1983 masterpiece «Balls To The Wall». The album, which brought ACCEPT stunning popularity, and to this day remains one of the best in its genre. Then there were more albums and tours to the best concert halls of the world and the most prestigious rock festivals , care in the " solo voyage" vocalist Udo Dirkschneider , and in 1989 the group ceased to exist. After the release of a live album «Staying A Life» ( 1990) , the fans demanded the reunification of the team, which is what happened in the 1993 album «Objection Overruled» was recorded in classical composition with Udo Dirkschneider on vocals. Reunion was a huge success all over the world. After several world tours , the band started to get tired of touring life . After giving the last concert in Tokyo, the band stopped concerts.

And who would have thought that after such a successful career, which was with ACCEPT in the 80s ( the heyday of heavy music styles ) , after more than 10 years of absence from the scene , these guys can not just " remember the youth ," and record comeback album , which became the most successful in the band's career , and skate solid round , every day of burning napalm concert halls around the world!

Modern ACCEPT - it's a beast that escaped to freedom after years of imprisonment in a cage. Stronger than ever before, they have proved to everyone that went back a long time.
The first big break after album "Blood of the Nations" ( 2010 ) was recorded with a new vocalist Mark Tornillo and made all the skeptics throw in the towel . The album was named " Album of the Year" by many publications and respected by critics, and its position in the European charts have become the best of the band's career . ACCEPT amazed everyone , not just writing a terrific album , which absorbed everything that we love the band , but after playing in support of stunning concerts .

It's safe to say that the December 5, 2013 at Stereo Plaza, the audience will hear and «Restless And Wild», and «Son Of a Bitch», and the «Fast As a Shark», and «Metal Heart» interspersed with Beethoven's "K Elise " and yet many of the best songs from one of the greatest heavy bands of our time !

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